Terms and Conditions

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Employers using CareerHub Central agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions.

The Employer understands and agrees that:

1 -CareerHub Central acts as a "distributor" of information provided by Employers to institution CareerHub systems. Fees payed to CareerHub Central are solely for the distribution process, or for work performed by CareerHub Central staff or contractors, and are not advertisement fees. Once you have chosen to complete the distribution process then work will immediately be undertaken to distribute you vacancy and no refunds will be offered.

2 -Individual institutions may at their own discretion charge an advertisement fee for listing of vacancies at their institution. Any such fees are additional to CareerHub Central fees and have no relationship in any way to CareerHub Central.

3 -CareerHub Central is in no financial business relationship with institutions individually or as a collective, however each institution does hold licence to use CareerHub software and may pay additional support and maintenance fees for CareerHub.

4 -Employers agree that CareerHub Central may obtain credit reports about the Employer and/or it’s directors for the purposes of assessing any credit applications or for the purpose of collection of overdue payments by Employer for services or products provided by CareerHub Central.

5 -Using CareerHub Central to publish information does not guarantee acceptance by any institutions for publication within their own CareerHub. institutions will make their own decisions on suitability of information published through CareerHub. Employer understands that CareerHub Central has no right or capacity to enforce publication within any institution CareerHub. If you comply with this agreement and ensure you are writing your vacancy advertisements according to our guidelines your information would generally be accepted.

6 -CareerHub Central does not monitor or read vacancies distributed through CareerHub Central to institutions but does reserve the right to do so. CareerHub Central publication is an automated process and CareerHub Central takes no responsibility for text or other information published to institutions through CareerHub Central by an Employer.

7- Employers will ensure that information published through CareerHub Central is accurate and is not misleading, particularly with regard to availability of employment, the nature of employment, remuneration or any other matter relating to employment opportunities advertised.

8 -When publishing information through CareerHub Central Employer must comply with the Human rights and Equal Employment Opportunities act and all applicable State or Territory legislation. See http://www.hreoc.gov.au

9 -CareerHub Central reserves the right to refuse access to CareerHub Central and to withdraw any items published through CareerHub Central by an Employer if the Employer publishes anything that is in breach of any law or regulation, is considered offensive or unethical by CareerHub Central or any institution, or is considered to be an inappropriate use of CareerHub Central or CareerHub.

10 -Employers will aim to ensure accurate categorisations for any information entered into CareerHub Central where category selections are required. CareerHub Central reserves the right to re-categorise items where, in our opinion, categories seem to be incorrectly applied by Employer.

11 -Employer will not publish any information through the CareerHub Central "publish vacancy" process that is not a legitimate employment opportunity. This includes but is not limited to pyramid schemes, barter schemes, Jobseeker performance trials, or any item where the Jobseeker is required to pay any fee or money to the Employer.

12 -Neither CareerHub Central nor any institution using CareerHub acts to shortlist or make recommendations regarding applicants for employment offered by Employer. Employer takes full responsibility for any decision by Employer to offer employment or any other opportunity to any Jobseeker, and will make no claim against CareerHub Central or any institution for any losses or damages as a result of engaging any Jobseeker through CareerHub Central’s services.

13 -Any elements of text, graphics, logos, trademarks, photos, designs or other artwork published through CareerHub Central are owned by Employer, or Employer has permission from the rightful owner to use items provided.

14 -CareerHub Central provides no guarantee that CareerHub Central or institution CareerHub sites will be error free or uninterrupted. CareerHub Central will make all reasonable efforts to ensure maximum availability of all services provided.

15 -CareerHub Central will make all reasonable efforts to ensure items published by Employer are distributed to institutions within 24 hours on any working day. Publication may not be possible due to technical or other reasons and CareerHub Central is not liable for any loss incurred by Employer as a result in failure by CareerHub Central to publish information provided. Financial reimbursement or compensation to Employer will be limited to the amount payed to CareerHub Central by employer.

16 -CareerHub Central has no control of when institutions make published information available to students via their institution CareerHub.

17 -While all reasonable efforts are made, CareerHub Central does not Guarantee that any files downloaded or delivered through email from CareerHub Central will be free of viruses, trojans, worms or other malicious software. Employer agrees they have implemented processes, software or devices to ensure protection of their own internal systems, and that they take full responsibility for any losses or damages as a result of their own negligence in this regard.

18 -Employer will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that any files provided or uploaded to CareerHub Central will be free of viruses, trojans, worms or other malicious software.

19 -Any institution may contact Employer with regard to information published through CareerHub Central where they require further clarification or for any career or employment related topic

20 -By registering on CareerHub Central and publishing information to individual institution CareerHub (or group of), any details provided by Employer will be distributed directly to the CareerHub system at that institution

21 -Employer will indemnify CareerHub Central, its officers, employees, contractors or agents against any legal action, claims or expenses incurred by CareerHub Central as a result of:
a) any negligent act or omission by Employer
b) any breach of this agreement by Employer
c) publication of false, misleading or unethical information by Employer through CareerHub Central or any information breaching any Federal or State laws, regulations, legislation or codes of conduct.

22 -If any part of this agreement is found to be invalid then that part of the agreement shall be severed leaving the remainder of the agreement intact and enforceable.

23 -This agreement and all issues related to CareerHub Central will be governed in accordance with the laws of the state or Queensland, Australia.